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You Are What You Breathe

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I returned from Rome this week. And the thing that struck me the most was the admiration for artists that one breathes in Romulus' and Remus' ancient city. Who's buried in the Pantheon (an ancient Roman temple turned Catholic Church turned national monument) next to the Father of the Republic? Raphael, the painter of The School of Athens fame. Piazzas, or squares, are centered around artistically sculpted fountains. The Vatican Museum contains one of, if not the, most important artistic collections in the world. After spending time in Rome, it is hard not to acquire a desire to leave an artistic imprint on the world. Likewise, it's hard to live in Silicon Valley and not want to start a company, or to live in Southern California and not want to be involved in the movie industry. That is why I think New York breeds bankers, who grow up anxious to get the corner office in a landmark building, California breeds entrepreneurs, and the most artsy furniture in the world still comes from Italy. Communities breed what they praise.




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