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Alex Bäcker's Wiki / World Affairs
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World Affairs

Page history last edited by Alex Backer, Ph.D. 8 years, 2 months ago

A Jew's condemnation of the July 2014 Israeli Gaza Offensive

The US needs to rekindle its love for all things French. Here's the # to do it.

Warren Buffett's $5 billion investment in Bank of America

Why does

US Federal Government Deficit and Taxes during Republican and Democratic administrations

The church in worldwide decline, but God is alive and well, and so is the church in the U.S.- Dec. 27, 2008

If McCain ran a campaign as bad as NewsWeek (the worst campaign ever!) and NYT claim he did, & people were as upset with Bush's Republican administration as they were, can someone explain how McCain came only 3% of nationwide voters shy of winning the popular vote?

Most election polls aren't worth the paper they're printed on - Oct. 22, 2008


Republicans outbreeding Democrats

Repressing sex increases the search for pornography on the WWW

Justice gone awry: The need for defendant protection

Does Karl Rove plan to lie to Congress?

Is Secession a Bad Name for the Right of Peoples to Self Determination - Jan. 18, 2007

Marriage in steady decline - Jan. 16, 2007

Leave mullahs alone to leave Iran without oil, says Roger Stern - Jan. 8, 2007

Elevation, elevation, elevation - Dec. 31, 2006

Your Rights End Where Her Irritation Begins - Dec. 28, 2006

No Longer a Seller's Market - Nov. 26, 2006

Unflattering facts about the US Penal system - Nov. 26, 2006

Milton Friedman dies - Nov. 17, 2006

Bush 'open to any idea' for addressing war in Iraq - Nov. 10, 2006

Every Day We Are Fighting on Battlefields Overseas - Nov. 4, 2006

Demand The Truth - Oct. 30, 2006

Germanic Obedience - Oct. 23, 2006

Keep your Million Dollar Prizes, the Real Fun is in Solving the Puzzle - Oct. 19, 2006

The Fear Factor - Oct. 14, 2006

Unauthorized Use of Girls' Photos to Drive Traffic to Commercial Websites - Oct. 11, 2006

Russian Natality and Mortality Rates Since the Fall of Communism - Oct. 8, 2006

Incompetence disguised as security - Sep. 13, 2006

The Heat's On, No Matter What the Censors Say - Jun. 30, 2003 (reprinted from the Los Angeles Times)



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