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Alex Bäcker's Wiki / Alex Bäcker's Wiki
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Alex Bäcker's Wiki

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Welcome to Alex Bäcker's wiki.

Who Alex Bäcker, Ph.D., is- Olympic Champion, MIT/Caltech/DOE scientist & inventor, entrepreneur founder of abInventio, the invention factory behind QLess


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Favorite posts:

Posts with the highest number of pageviews:

Charles Eisenstein's writings on Money and the Crisis of Civilization

Origin of Silent Letters

The Evolution of Humor 

Mathematics, Language, Poetry and Music: A Continuum

Airplanes that board as fast as trains

The Paradox of Monogamy


My readers' all-time favorite posts:

These are posts that 100% of readers found engaging enough that they kept reading afterwards:

9 women cannot make a baby in 1 month

A Unified Theory of Biodiversity

A Better Democracy

Babies do not learn by imitation

Don't Quit

The effect of shared vulnerabilities on the survival of complex systems

The Fear Factor

Why Babies Like to be Rocked to Sleep


Some of my most thought-provoking posts:

These are posts that readers spent an average of more than 5 minutes reading:

On the valuation of private company securities

Why Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

The Selective Advantage of Aging

Which CTR does Google Adwords use to determine AdRank

Self-organizing Government


Some of my most popular posts:


Scientific publications: 1994-2005 2005-

Airplanes that board and unboard as fast as trains

What makes Facebook so successful

Origin of Silent Letters

Why the Sex Ratio is 1

On Profit Maximization as the Social Responsibility of Business

How To Start a Company

On Venture Capitalists

Smart people should work in start-ups

Best of 2006

Best of 2007

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Why this wiki was started

Why a wiki instead of a blog

The QLess Blog

The ab|inventio™ Gazette: The latest scoop from The Invention Factory™

Alex's Caltech Home Page

You may contact Alex at .



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