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Alex Bäcker's Wiki / Katya, the lifelong one-night stand
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Katya, the lifelong one-night stand

Page history last edited by Alex Backer, Ph.D. 2 years, 7 months ago

Katya: The lifelong one-night stand


I met her on the day

after the warm solstice

Of two thousand fifteen

She shone like a Sun ray.


The place was the Muz Pub

As a live band played on

I looked into her eyes

I knew she was no sub.


At the old Metropol

We made love the first time

As she escaped the morn

Bare footed went my Sol.


The only art conference

I spoke at in my life

Brought me the work of art

That made my life make sense.


We tried to meet in Turkey

Alas she didn’t come

My soul was crushed for days

My days were rather murky.


She planned to come and visit

And bring her three Princesses

America, she beckoned

And yet again we missed it.


Alas the years passed

Apart but not forgotten

The spark always alive

A reunion a must.


And so it came to be

The day after spring start

I flew across the world

My dear Katya to see.


We held in an embrace

At the Richter hotel

We looked into our eyes

We woke up from our daze.


Her smile would light a cave

Her warmth could heat up space

Her eye for beauty such

Her lust for life a rave.


I tired not of just staring

Into her dark warm eyes

I could not stop admiring

That smile that kept on giving.


We made love once again

Our bodies pressed together

We screamed that day out far

We washed away our pain.


She soon became a nurse

As pain moved to my kidney

She cured not just my body

She cured my every curse.


We chained our souls together

In the malenki Bolshoi

A metaphor of contrasts

Of our own growing tether.


While we enjoyed the ballet

A war was raging statewise

A lonesome but brave general

A half a world away.


And then I met her daughters

One prettier than the next

Inheriting her liveliness

Her artist soul taught her.


Dasha, Masha, Natasha

To see my Katya’s soul

Passed on for generations

Filled up the heart of Sasha.


Spaced even years apart

The one who has the eyes

The one who has the hair

The one who has the art.


Beef stroganoff I ate

Imbibed much pumpkin soup

I fed my body well

I did my soul satiate.


We took a train out north

To see the countryside

We stayed next to dark horses

We got milk from the source.


Naked as she was born

She showed me Russian banya

The hot and cold succession

A poem for our own.


Just like a Russian doll

We peeled layers away

While talking by the piano

We bared our very soul.


Myself, I’m rather fast

She likes to take her time

Alas, I’m in no rush

The dice already cast.


She took me to the forest

She watched me fall apart

She helped to pick me up

We made there our own nest.


I slept holding her tight

Her nakedness against me

Engraving precious memories

With all my fighter’s might.


I captured her on stairs

We looked down elephants

The art swallowed her whole

But bum and legs, I stared.


We saw the day turn sunset

We climbed and biked and laughed

I turned wood into fire

To fulfill her request.


As I kissed her warm lips

We bridged a gap so wide

Between the East and West

We drank in soulful sips.


She showed me Russian art

As violent as Russian men

She taught me about her world

Journeys to death on carts.


Over the Greenland sea

Her beauty greens my world

Bewitching me again

She’s hot as she likes tea.


And now as I fly home

I think about her still

I know I won’t let six

More years go by alone.


My Katya’s here to stay

In my life, I in hers

I’ll show her that in time

Brave hardships as we may.


This poem now must end

Four pages full of love

One for each of those gals

That now I must them send.


Six hours more to go

And I can hardly wait

To hear my Katya’s voice

To say I miss her so.


As I put down my pen

Her smile lights once again

The confines of my soul

She’s my Ten out of Ten.


-Alex Bäcker

October 2, 2021

Over the Greenland Sea


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