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Alex Bäcker's Wiki / Love is what you do
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Love is what you do

Page history last edited by Alex Backer, Ph.D. 2 years ago

Love is what you do


Of course I miss your sight
Every day, every night
I miss your touch as well
That casts on me a spell 
I also miss your taste
A day without you a waste
I miss our conversations 
I miss your incantations.


But you made your choice clear
Your fear over your dear
Your TV and your car
Your movies and your art
You put them above peace
You put them above love
By fretting over sleep
You killed a love so deep.


I hardly crossed the door
Your yelling had begun
I wasn’t even home
Your wrath was in full force
Was far across the land
Yet got a reprimand
You hurled our memories 
You shattered more than glass.


Insulted me for naught
Your words hurt even now
Despised the gifts I brought
I don’t know why or how 
Instead of appreciation
I got your agitation
Instead of thanks a lot
My gifts would sit and rot.


You had me for forever
My daily gesture, clever 
A sign of vows renewed
My kindness misconstrued 
Yet not content with eggs
You killed the golden hen
Not only now and then
You cut our love’s both legs.


There is no bigger lie
Than it takes two to fight
For you would fight alone
Until I was all gone
And worse would not unwind
Past loving, past the night
You never said I’m sorry
You never changed your mind.


Myself I’m far from perfect
Spontaneous, unpredictable 
Busy, late, unschedulable
Driving makes me sleepy
Forgetful, times aloof
Yet I adored you wholly
My love was bulletproof.


The color of the world 
Is only that of your lens
I chose to see it kind 
You chose to see it crooked 
You try to change the world
I try to change the lens
But there’s no one as blind 
As one who doesn’t look.


And so if now you hurt
Think whether you can learn
For only change can spurt 
Our hope for better times
No matter what we yearn
Or how much we may miss
It’s not enough to love
In kindness lies true bliss.


Altadena, May 2018

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